Procare Health bariatric multivitamins and supplements 

ProCare Health’s mission is to provide the best products for bariatric patients!

We place all our effort into ensuring our products achieve the standards weight loss surgery patients require to maintain their health and achieve their weight loss goals.

To achieve this, we worked with the Bariatric Teaching Hospital Surgeons and Dietitians at the University of Missouri to create the most effective formulas for our selections of multivitamins and supplements.

To ensure the consistency of our products and the safety of patients, all our products undergo third-party testing and meet the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) guidelines., an independent blind tester, also tests and approves several of our products for quality and label accuracy.

We gladly take all these steps to ensure the efficacy and safety of our products so that our customers receive the quality healthcare products they need and deserve.


Industry-Changing Daily Multivitamins

Since the beginning, we’ve been innovative in finding new opportunities to support bariatric surgery patients. Working alongside professional bariatric specialists, we fine-tuned and tested our multivitamins.

Our once-daily multivitamins promote better health for bariatric patients. The multivitamins’ affordability and one-a-day use make post-surgical supplementation a breeze.

Our once-daily multivitamins are available in a capsule and chewable formula so individuals can choose what they prefer.

Procare health probiotic bariatric multivitamin

Probiotics + Bariatric Multivitamin

A study by Stanford University School of Medicine found that taking a daily vitamin supplement with probiotics, gastric bypass surgery patients had higher B12 absorption rates and lost more weight over the study duration than those who did not combine their daily vitamins with probiotics.

Our fast-dissolving Probiotics + Bariatric Multivitamin is an easy-to-swallow vegetable-based capsule. Plus, it’s an excellent and affordable option that allows patients to give their bodies the nutrients they need and receive the benefits of daily probiotic supplementation.

Other bariatric multivitamin brands require patients to take the following:

  • 3-4 tablets or capsules daily
  • With up to 2 extra doses of probiotics.

We simplify things with our Probiotics + Bariatric Multivitamin, which only requires two capsules daily while delivering:

  • 22 different nutrients at 200% or above the standard recommended daily allowance,
  • 15 billion CFUs of a probiotic blend,
  • And 25mg of prebiotics that helps feed the good bacteria in your digestive system.  

Get all that for less than $18 per/month!

By purchasing a probiotic and bariatric multivitamin blend, you can save up to $20 monthly rather than separately buying a comparable probiotic and bariatric multivitamin.

Procare health prenatal bariatric multivitamin

Prenatal + Bariatric Multivitamin

Pregnancy is possible after weight loss surgery, and many women look to weight loss surgery to increase their likelihood of pregnancy. This presents a unique niche, as supplementation needs after bariatric surgery supplementation and prenatal needs vary greatly.

When preparing for pregnancy, patients must take prenatal vitamins to ensure their unborn child receives essential nutrients to promote healthy development! 

We offer a Prenatal + Bariatric Multivitamin formulated to meet the mother’s and the baby's needs. The formula is specialized to enhance digestion while promoting healthy fetal brain and spinal development.

Highlighted ingredients in this multivitamin include:

  • Iron (60 mg) – provides energy and helps transport oxygen throughout the body.
  • Shelf-stable probiotics (5 billion CFUs) – promote healthy digestive functions.
  • Prebiotics (10 mg) – fuels the good bacteria in your system.
  • A gentle prenatal blend (90 mg) – contains spirulina, red raspberry, dandelion root, and ginger (enhances digestion and combats morning sickness).
  • Extra potassium – prevents muscle cramps, fatigue, and weakness throughout the mother’s body. 

Our Prenatal + Bariatric Multivitamin is the premier choice for expecting mothers to address their unique needs and keep their growing baby healthy.

It is available for about $18 per/month.

TruCal®: A Balanced Milk Mineral Complex

When creating our calcium supplements, there was no other bioactive ingredient we trusted more than TruCal®!

Created by Glanbia Nutritionals, TruCal® is an all-natural, clean-label ingredient that is strictly science-based, meets the highest food safety standards, and is unique and unmatched in its benefits.

Containing calcium and six other minerals in levels similar to those in human bone, TruCal® offers a mineral balance that supports the body’s bone growth and maintenance, allowing individuals of all ages to prevent injury and sustain an active lifestyle.


*The extra processing to create TruCal® strips the product of any protein and lactose.

TruCal® also allows us to create calcium products with smooth, creamy tastes and textures.

Besides our products produced with TruCal®, our secondary best recommendation for bariatric patients is to use calcium citrate supplements rather than calcium carbonate.

Both forms are common. However, calcium citrate’s properties better suit a bariatric patient’s altered digestive system and reduced stomach acid.

We offer calcium citrate in capsule and powder form, plus delicious seasonal dark chocolate calcium bars!

For more on calcium citrate and other nutritional needs pre and post-bariatric surgery, feel free to read the article “Nutritional Recommendations for Adult Bariatric Surgery Patients: Clinical Practice,” published in an international review journal, Advances in Nutrition.

Third-Party Testing and Quality Control

Working alongside doctors and bariatric coordinators has taught us how vital it is for bariatric vitamins to be tested by a third-party lab!

Poorly sourced vitamins from manufacturers that don’t take quality control seriously are worse than useless; they can hurt you. We have instituted a multi-step quality control process to keep our patients safe.

We conduct independent third-party pre- and post-testing on ingredient potency and purity for each batch within our quality-control process. Once the testing is complete, the lab results for each batch of bariatric vitamins are published directly on our website.

You can view the test results online!

ProCare Health guarantees that our patients receive safe, high-quality vitamins by meeting and exceeding the FDA's standards for vitamins and supplements.

Monthly Virtual Support Groups

Join us for our FREE support groups hosted by Brenda Hoehn, MSN, BSN, RN, and CHTP. With those qualifications and being a weight loss surgery patient, she is ready to answer questions about bariatric vitamins, weight loss, or the overall bariatric journey.

With new topics every month, patients feel engaged and welcomed! Our easy-to-access virtual support groups are available through our online platform, Crowdcast.

Suppose you miss a live event or support group. No worries! We save all our past support groups for you to use for additional guidance and support.

For patients looking for more information on how you can join our support groups or schedule a 1:1 Support Group session, please download our printable Patient Flyer and view our support group handouts.

Are you a medical professional looking for resources to supplement your post-surgery weight loss program? Well, ProCare can help! Please download our printable Professionals Support Flyer for more information.


Procare health free samples


Request Free Samples

Here at ProCare Health, we understand that vitamins can be tricky. Everyone has different taste buds and personal preferences regarding flavors and textures. That's why we offer FREE sample packs!

Fill out our “Free Sample” form with your information, and we’ll send you samples of the products we believe will best fulfill your needs.

Available samples include the following:

  • Calcium Chews (made with TruCal® Calcium) in various flavors
  • Once Daily Multivitamin Capsule with 45 mg, 18 mg, or 0 mg of iron
  • Once Daily Multivitamin Chewable in 45 mg and 18 mg, or 0 mg Iron options,
  • Once Daily Special 45 Multivitamin
    • Lower vitamin B12 and vitamin A but extra thiamine
    • Perfect for those testing high for B12 and vitamin A
  • Two-a-day Probiotic + Bariatric Vitamin Capsule
    • 15 billion CFUs of multi-strain probiotics and your daily dose of vitamins
  • Two-a-day Prenatal Capsule Vitamin
    • 60 mg iron, lower Vitamin A, and a pre and probiotic blend
  • An information packet and coupons 
  • Other items as available

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