In addition to creating innovative supplements that meet the unique needs of bariatric surgery patients, ProCare Health strives to facilitate additional support with its Bari Connected live webinar and podcast.

Join Brenda Hoehn as she hosts weekly live events and monthly support groups!

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Get actionable ideas every week to help you improve your health and wellness.

We interview expert dietitians, life coaches, nurses, surgeons, and therapists active in the bariatric community.

Hear advice on a range of topics, including mindset, exercise, nutrition, supplementation, community engagement, and more!


Brenda Hoehn, MSN, BSN, RN, CHTP had bariatric sleeve surgery in 2013. She is passionate about empowering individuals to make and sustain improvements in their health long term. To do so, she shares her life experiences as a nurse, life coach, and vitamin specialist, building one-to-one relationships with bariatric patients and professionals.

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All About Vitamins -
Post Bariatric Surgery

June 20th • 5 PM CST

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Is Bari Connected only for patients who underwent weight loss surgery? No, Bari Connected is for patients pre- or post-weight loss surgery and is also a resource for professionals.
How can professionals benefit from using this resource? Support group sessions help professionals meet their MSBAQIP Standard 8.1. They also alleviate the stress of creating and delivering new topics that keep patients engaged.

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Will I be on camera? No, only the speakers will be on camera.
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