Support Group Handouts


Look to ProCare Health as Another Support System During Your Weight Loss Journey!

Each month, our support groups are hosted by Brenda Hoehn and Brittany Wilkinson, who are part of the ProCare Health team. Brenda and Brittany are available to answer questions and give guidance and support to bariatric patients during these live events. Our live support groups are available through Crowdcast, and you can also view our past support groups for additional guidance.

For more information on how to join our LIVE events and support groups or how to schedule a 1:1 Support Group session, download our printable flyers here.


Get Help on Your Journey to A Healthier Lifestyle with These Helpful Handouts


All About Vitamins

Journaling Exercise Vitamin Recommendations

Risks and Vitamin Deficiencies

Recommendations of Vitamins



Air Fryer Recipes

Cooking Around the Holidays

Whole Foods Recipes

Healthy Food Swaps That Taste So Good

Healthy Fall Snacks

Recipes with Maddie Spahr!


Relationships Pre & Post Op Bariatric Surgery

Examples of Dynamic Relationship Changes Pre- and Post-Bariatric Surgery

Exercises: Becoming the Influencer Instead of the Influenced


Meal Prep Tips and Recipes

10 Brilliant and Simple Meal Prep Ideas

Meal Prep Ideas

Meal Prep Recipes


Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Emotional Guidance Tool and Rating System

Techniques for Letting Go of Old Patterns & Triggers of Self Sabotage


Eat for Life

Nutrition Recommendations

Sample Meal Plan

Resources for Tracking and Mindful Eating


Triumph Over Plateaus & Regain

Empowerment Guide / Action Plans

Muscle Testing and Kinesiology - Getting Answers to Any Questions

Emotional Change - Affinity Exercise


Physical Regeneration & Strength

Journaling Exercise

Physical Activity Recommendations

Resources for Physical Activity

Types of Physical Activities and Benefits


Taking Steps to Regain Control in Life and Eating Practices

Essential Methods to Regain Control in Life and in Eating Practices

List of the Five Key Areas of Focus in to Recovering Relationship with Self and Food

Journaling Exercise: Create More Intentional Peace


Cleansing & Detoxing Your Body the Natural Way

Detox Water Guide

Vegetable Soup Recipe for a Gentle Detox


Traditional & Non Traditional Ways to Support Healing & Pain

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Color Therapy

Meditation Mindful Exercises


Habit Changers Series (Part 1 & 2)

Healthy Food Swaps That Taste So Good

EFT Tapping Exercise



Mindful Eating Practice

Hunger Descriptions

Mindfulness Journal


Meditation Basics

Meditation Basics

Meditation Survey


Amy Posadas Fitness Series

Key Nutrition to Include With Your Workouts


Preventing Hair Loss After Surgery

Hair Loss Tips & Product Recommendations