Surgery, medicine, supplements, nutrition, and exercise all propel you along your health journey toward sustained success. Still, you will face decisive moments that challenge your ultimate purpose and core values. To become the person you know you are meant to be, you must nourish both your Body and Soul.

The Body and Soul rely on each other’s health to thrive.

To appreciate your body is to recognize all that it is capable of. By acknowledging its needs, you can implement a plan of action to promote physical wellness.

With a hectic daily schedule, ignoring the intense emotions coinciding with overwhelming stress can feel convenient but ultimately leads to a worsened mindset. Identifying and regulating those emotions fortifies the soul, allowing us to access the innate resilience that helps us cope with daily life.

Achieving a healthy body and soul creates “your best self,” the future “you” that has reached your long-term emotional, mental, and physical health goals.

We equip you with support and tools containing the resources needed to achieve your best self, a process that has little to do with what you see on the scale. So many people limit their self-love and self-worth because of a number. That’s where non-scale victories come into play.


Supplements are a crucial piece of sustained success. Browse our ProCare bariatric dietary supplements to discover everything you need to meet your daily nutritional requirements.

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Food / Nutrition / Recipes

Eliminate meal-time stress with our meal-prep tips, deliciously healthy recipes, nutrition essentials, and more!

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Take some notes from our exercise tips and tricks to keep yourself motivated, moving, and energized.

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Join the ProCare Bari Connected Community led by Brenda Hoehn, a bariatric patient just like you! Access valuable clinical and emotional support from healthcare professionals and fellow bariatric community members who understand you and your health journey.

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Lifestyle Modification

Support your emotional and mental health with mindset resources that help you form healthier habits, learn how to set long-term goals, and develop coping skills to combat life’s stressors.

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Live your best life after bariatric surgery by staying informed with up-to-date post-operative health and lifestyle educational resources.

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A non-scale victory is a goal or accomplishment from weight loss that has nothing to do with the number on the scale.