Price Match Guarantee

Shop with confidence. If you find a lower price, we’ll match it!
We pledge to offer competitive prices on our online store each day, and we’ll match qualifying lower prices on similar items to do so.
Exclusions apply.

How Price Match Guarantee Works

Price Match Guarantee includes the item’s price plus delivery or shipping costs. If you find a lower price on a near-identical item within 30 days of purchasing from ProCare Health:

We’ll ask a series of questions to verify the price and determine whether the item qualifies.

What Qualifies for Price Match Guarantee

Qualifying Price Match Guarantee items must be in stock and available from a competitor for US domestic shipping to the customer’s location. We only honor requests for past purchases submitted directly from the individual who made the purchase. Price adjustments on past purchases of qualifying Price Match Guarantee items must be submitted within 30 days of purchase and include required pricing verification information.

Price Match Guarantee Exclusions

Price Match Guarantee can’t be combined with any other ProCare Health offer, promotion, discount, or coupon. We reserve the right to limit requests to reasonable quantities.

We are not able to price match:

  • Advertising pricing errors or misprints
  • Bundle offers; Buy 1, Get 1 offers; Buy More, Save More offers; free offers; special events; rebates
  • Clearance, closeout, damaged, discontinued, open-box, or seasonal merchandise
  • Credit terms and finance offers
  • Discounts available to select groups of customers, such as military or loyalty members
  • Items sold by third-party marketplace sellers, auction sites, or closeout/discount sites (e.g., we price-match items sold by but not by a third-party seller on
  • Pricing from bid and auction websites
  • Pricing from membership-based retail wholesalers
  • Sales tax
  • Sales tax promotions or tax-free events
  • Specific one-time-only promotions, including seasonal promotions (e.g., Spring Black Friday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and various holiday promotions)
  • Volume or wholesale discount pricing offered by competitors

ProCare Health’s Price Match Guarantee Lets You Shop Confidently

Whether you are just beginning your weight loss journey, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or getting back on track, you will find the products you need at ProCare Health. And with our Price Match Guarantee, you know you are getting the brands and products you trust at a price you love.

Our excellent product selection lets you fill your bariatric nutritional needs, and our Price Match Guarantee means you can always shop confidently.