Prenatal Multivitamin | Capsule | 60 Count

Regular price $22.99
Sale price $22.99 Regular price MSRP  $27.13
  • Specialized blend to enhance digestion
  • Meets or exceeds current ASMBS guidelines
  • Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to swallow
  • Third-party independently tested for quality
  • Fast-dissolving veggie capsules
  • Prenatal Multivitamin | Capsule | 60 Count

    Prenatal Multivitamin | Capsule | 60 Count

    Regular price $22.99
    Sale price $22.99 Regular price MSRP  $27.13

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    The ONLY Prenatal available to address the unique needs of a weight loss surgery mother and growing baby! Formulated with ASMBS guidelines.


    The 60 count bottle is a one month supply. Two capsules once a day or may be taken one capsule twice a day.
    Use while trying to conceive, while pregnant, or nursing.


    Delivers optimal nourishment and protection before and during pregnancy, and also while nursing.



    • 5 billion CFU/gm shelf-stable Probiotics to promote healthy digestive functions and may reduce morning sickness
    • 10mg of Prebiotics, which are fuel for the good bacteria in your system
    • 60mg Iron to provide energy and help transport oxygen throughout the body
    • Reduced Vitamin A per prenatal needs
    • 1700mcg L Methylfolate Calcium (Active form of Folic Acid) promotes healthy brain and spinal development
    • Potassium helps prevent muscle cramps, fatigue, and weakness
    • Vitamin B complex provides natural energy and stress support
    • 90mg gentle Prenatal blend which includes the superfood spirulina, as well as red raspberry, dandelion root, and ginger to enhance digestion
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Tiffany clark-Wimes
    It unfortunate that it's not a once a day like the regular...

    I personally hate taking a bunch of pills, even if it's vitamins. I loved the regular one, one and done for the day. Now that my doctor recommends that I take prenatals, there are these. Honestly still less than some others, but my tests are always great. I have noticed that the color is lighter recently and they lowered the amount of the probiotic blend. It would be perfect if the added Omega to it so I don't have to take so many pills and honestly I wish it had calcium instead of iron.


    So far, so good! I appreciate the freebies so I can try out a new product that I might actually like!
    The prenatal support is an awesome option because I have a Hard time getting enough B12 absorption, having RNY i need every ability to obtain what i need to survive, and I have high hopes in this opportunity.

    Elouise Gallegos
    I love these prenatals

    These work great for me and my vitamin levels have been great since taking them


    This is the best vitamin if you have low iron. I've been taking it for 2 years and my iron levels have been normal for the first time in my 60+ years!


    I am loving this product