Third Party Testing for Potency and Purity

Once Daily
Bariatric Complete Multivitamins

Big on Nutrition

The only once daily Bariatric vitamin that meets or exceeds ASMBS Guidelines, and you only have to take one!


$11.99 for a one month supply! Costs 41-53% less than other Bariatric Multivitamins brands.

45mg Iron

Our standard multivitamin has 45mg iron. Our capsule multivitamin also has 18mg iron and iron free versions.

Independent Testing

Every lot of our vitamins are tested as a batch before production and then again after bottling. Not just one or 2 ingredients, EVERY ingredient is testing to make sure we are providing a high potency multivitamin to keep you healthy!

Only One?

Using higher concentrated supplements allows us to offer the same nutritional value in a smaller serving. Plus we use minimal binders and fillers that can make up 60% or more of other supplements. This equals more value in less pills.

Trust & Transparency

Our independent test results are made available to our clients online. No other company provides this level of transparency, nor testing, so you can feel confident you are receiving the nutritional support your body needs after weight loss surgery.

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