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We are BariNation, a mission-driven, patient-created bariatric organization on a mission to connect patients with the tools, education, and community needed to help everyone find and maintain personal wellness! We want to empower you with the necessary resources along your bariatric journey. In BariNation, we create what we need because, like you, we are patients!

Research has shown that active participation in a community of like-minded individuals increases the likelihood of mirroring the behaviors and actions of other members! Joining a community will give you the same to share your personal experiences and challenges and learn strategies that will help you find personal wellness. Peer learning creates a supportive environment where individuals can exchange tips, learn from each other's successes and setbacks, and provide practical advice. By hearing from the diverse perspectives within the community and learning from others who have faced similar struggles, you will discover new strategies that you can try along your journey.

And just when you think you have this bariatric thing figured out, life will throw you a curve ball. You will feel lost, adrift, untethered. When you are part of a caring community, you will know where to turn for help, support, guidance, and a safe place to just be. No judgment, no shame. Just love, acceptance, and support. When you are part of a community, you do not have to walk this journey alone.

In the BariNation Membership Community, you will find:

    • Weekly virtual support groups, classes, and meetups.
      • Our support groups are only led by licensed mental health practitioners who have decades of experience working in bariatric medicine, many of who are patients themselves!
      • Our classes are taught by credential experts like Registered Dietitians, Wellness Coaches, and movement experts.
      • Our meetups are more social in nature and are led by our trained patient hosts.
    • A robust, on-demand video library.
      • You will have access to hundreds of hours of on-demand classes, resources, and education aligned to our three pillars of bariatric success: movement, mindset, and metabolic wellness.
    • Printable patient support guides.
    • Accountability groups and cohorts.
      • As a member, you can join one of the accountability groups or more targeted cohorts to deepen your understanding of bariatric life and be supported by peers and professionals.
      • These groups help you find the motivation and spark when things get tough.
    • Dedicated chat spaces that are monitored and private.
    • A warm, welcoming, and inclusive community of like-minded individuals who are learning how to live their best bariatric life with you!

The BariNation Value

At $39, the BariNation Membership Community is one of the most affordable and versatile support communities out there. And because you are a ProCare Health customer, we are extending an exclusive 4-week trial to you because you understand the importance of staying in bariatric compliance!

If you subscribe to a 90-day ProCare Health subscription, you will unlock the lowest BariNation Membership rate of $29 a month, a savings of $120 over the course of a year!