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Let us help you start feeling successful, back-on-track and re-motivated again inside our warm and welcoming bariatric community- Banana Bariatrics.

About Banana Bariatrics

Banana is a small & intimate online bariatric support community focused on helping weight loss surgery patients navigate weight regain and general struggles after bariatric surgery.


Does This Sound Familiar To You?

Right after surgery, losing weight felt relatively easy. But as time went on, you may have started running into a few road bumps that made you second-guess your progress and weight loss trajectory.

  • Perhaps you caught yourself comparing your weight loss to others on a similar bariatric journey and thinking; “Am I losing enough? Am I doing this right?”
  • Maybe you went through a few weight stalls during the first year of surgery that made you feel like you were never going to get past those same pesky pounds that kept making the scale go up and down.
  • You may have felt like you didn’t have the kind of support you thought you were going to have after surgery. All of a sudden the struggle felt ten-fold, leaving you with the feeling that you were all alone and that no one was understanding of what you were going through.
  • Perhaps you had to navigate through an extremely challenging time in your life: the loss of a loved one, a drawn-out divorce, a stressful career and demanding work schedule. The only emotions left in your empty tank of gas were anxiety, depression, and the overwhelming feeling of wanting to give up.
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These are all very real and common reasons why weight regain happens in 30% of patients after surgery.

But, that doesn’t have to be the end of your story.

There is hope.
There is direction.
There IS a way to feel back-on-track with your health goals and to start hearing that; “I can do it!” inner voice starting to speak up.

At Banana Bariatrics, this is what we’re here for. We’re here for YOU. And we understand the struggle that led you to us. On the good days and bad, we’ll always be here to support you with love, encouragement, and compassion.

Most importantly, at Banana, we are here to help you feel successful. But, what do we mean by success? (Hint: we don’t mean a number on the scale…)

Success to us looks like:

Finally wearing that two-piece bikini

Taking a selfie in the fitting room because you’re in a size that you haven’t worn since high school

Having enough endurance to be more active with exercise

Fitting comfortably into a restaurant booth

Riding the roller coaster at the amusement park

Not needing the seat belt extender on the airplane

Wearing a belt!


We’ll help you kickstart that “fresh bariatric mindset” again in order to feel re-motivated, confident, and successful with your tool- regardless of how far out from surgery you are with weekly support groups, educational courses, and family-style friendships.