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How ProCare Innovated the Industry

by Anthony Benjamin on Oct 12, 2022

How ProCare Innovated the Industry

How ProCare Innovated the Industry

At ProCare Health, we believe you should never take good health for granted. We also believe a healthy lifestyle is something everyone deserves to live.

Bariatric Supplements Before ProCare

Before ProCare entered the supplement market, profit was the primary motivation. The industry was not patient-friendly, and early weight loss procedures were far from perfect.

It was also difficult for bariatric patients to live a healthy lifestyle. There was a lack of information about weight loss surgery, and the companies who produced bariatric supplements did not follow recommended practices or stay on top of the latest research.

Modern bariatric procedures are more effective than before. However, better results come with a price. Weight loss surgery is more invasive, which means patients require more vitamins.

While other supplement manufacturers fell behind, ProCare realized there had to be a better way to help bariatric patients maintain weight loss without sacrificing quality or affordability.


By partnering with the University of Missouri Bariatric department, we developed a revolutionary, once-daily bariatric supplement with real results for post-bariatric recovery.

How ProCare Vitamins Revolutionized the Bariatric Surgery Vitamin Industry

Before ProCare, bariatric patients had to spend $75 to $150 every month and take multiple supplements three or four times a day.

At ProCare, we follow an incredibly simple approach: be proactive and put patients before profits. We actively seek ways to improve the lives of our customers through the best bariatric supplements on the market

Innovation is also a major part of our culture. We are always moving forward and seeking new ways to create the best bariatric vitamins for weight loss surgery patients. We also strive to improve the formulation of our vitamins based on the latest medical research.


Our drive for continuous improvement is why we created TruCal®, a calcium supplement with a non-chalky texture and a formula that is easily absorbable by bariatric patients.

At the end of the day, our goal remains the same: to provide post-bariatric surgery patients with low-cost, high-quality bariatric supplements.

Our Commitment to Research and Development Is Unparalleled

To create the best bariatric vitamins on the market, we surround ourselves with the best team of bariatric patients, doctors, bariatric coordinators, and scientists. We also have an advisory panel to help create the next generation of ProCare vitamins.

We also rely on academic partnerships, which give us an edge over the competition. By working with real patients from the bariatric department at the University of Missouri, we provide our team with an invaluable opportunity to study bloodwork and improve our understanding of the needs of bariatric patients.


Although we aspire to improve our products constantly, we understand the importance of perfecting it the first time. We initially devoted two years of research and development to the original ProCare Health Vitamin formula.

A Culture of Quality, Trust, and Transparency

At ProCare Health, we continually strive to improve our customers’ lives. While the Food and Drug Administration requires the testing of only one or two ingredients, we test all our ingredients at every stage of the manufacturing process.

To remain transparent, we rely upon independent third-party testing to test the purity and potency of our bariatric supplements.

We also want our customers to know we make the best bariatric vitamins, which is why everyone can go online or scan the QR code on the outside of each bottle to view test results.

Putting Our Customers Concerns First

We know bariatric surgery can be overwhelming, especially if you have to take multiple medications. It is important to learn about the bariatric supplements you need and whether they are the best fit for you.

Although bariatric patients have a lot on their mind, there are three questions we hear over and over again.

1. Can My Body Easily Process the Nutrients?

Bariatric surgery changes the way nutrients are absorbed. We continuously strive to stay up-to-date on the latest research to ensure we are using the most effective form of every ingredient in our bariatric supplements.

Recently, we discovered research that showed Methylcobalamin is the best form of B12 for bariatric patients. In response, we reformulated our supplements to include Methylcobalamin.

2. Will the Supplement Provide the Nutrition I Need?

All our supplements are formulated to meet the standards of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. We also reformulate our supplements to meet and exceed the highest medical standards.

3. Is This the Best Quality Supplement I Can Afford?

We strive to produce low-cost, high-quality bariatric supplements for every customer. We continuously use data from bariatric patients to tweak and adjust our bariatric vitamins to ensure we provide a superior choice for all weight loss surgery patients.

Freshness Matters

We go to great lengths to source all the fresh ingredients we can find. However, light, heat, and moisture can degrade fresh ingredients.

To ensure our customers receive the best bariatric vitamins, we package our supplements in light-blocking packaging in moisture absorbent materials. We also store our bariatric supplements in climate-controlled environments, and when necessary ship them with ice packs.

Innovation Moved ProCare Vitamins to the Head of the Pack

Over the past seven years, ProCare Health has grown exponentially for one reason: our customers love us. With our commitment to transparency and quality, our customers know they can trust us, as well as our products.

While the rest of the industry attempts to copy our approach to bariatric supplements, we continue to put our customers first and strive for innovation.

We know our customers can buy from our competitors as easily as they can from us, which is why we rely on five pillars of excellence that separate us from the competition.

chocolate protein powder


Instead of spending $150 a month on supplements, you can sign up for our monthly membership service and receive a full supply of bariatric multivitamins and needed calcium supplements for less than $24 per month.


At ProCare, we are continually improving our supplements with the most effective formulas available. We also follow a strict quality-control process that involves third-party testing.


Taste and Texture

No one wants to take a vitamin with an unpleasant texture and taste every day. We designed our vitamin capsules to be tasteless without added carbs or sugars. We also offer an easy to chew, great tasting fruit punch chewable vitamin that is available in three iron varieties to meet your needs (45 mg, 18 mg, and iron free). For those who prefer capsules, we have vitamin options with the same iron varieties.

Transparency and Trust

We strive to meet and exceed the standards of the FDA. Our customers can see our commitment to quality by viewing our lab results online or simply scanning the QR codes on every bottle.


Our Customer Experience Is Second to None

Our team of customer service representatives is motivated, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. They are also dedicated to helping customers select the best products for their bariatric needs.

With dieticians, doctors, nurses, and bariatric coordinators on staff, we answer all customer questions when they pick up the phone. Our team of customer service representatives is available from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm CST.

Speedy Deliveries

Our warehouse is in St. Louis, Missouri, which allows us to ship from coast-to-coast quickly. The average order leaves our fulfillment warehouse in 24 hours and arrives on your doorstep in three days.

Worry-Free Purchases

If you want to try before you buy ProCare bariatric vitamins, we offer free samples of our most popular products. Contact us today to get your shipment.

ProCare vitamins are available at bariatric facilities, as well as many Hyvee and Walgreens locations across the country.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Any of our unopened products can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Opened products can be returned for credit toward future purchases.