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How We Innovated Bariatric Vitamins

by Brenda Hoehn on Aug 23, 2023

How We Innovated Bariatric Vitamins

How We Innovated Bariatric Vitamins

Bariatric (or weight loss) surgery (WLS) is not a miracle cure for obesity and is usually considered after several attempts at diet and exercise have failed. Deciding to move forward with weight loss surgery (WLS) can be an exciting time; however, maintaining weight loss and success over time is a team effort. It takes hard work and dedication.

Undergoing bariatric surgery is committing to altering your body’s functioning as well as to a long-term bariatric lifestyle that includes dietary changes and exercise. Be prepared for postoperative challenges such as newfound esteem, old habits that remain, and unexpected feelings.

At ProCare Health, we understand how intimidating it can be to commit to a healthy lifestyle. We also know that customers depend upon our bariatric supplements to stay healthy and meet the changing demands of their bodies as they embark on their weight-loss journey. Our customers deserve a future that is bright and full of endless opportunities. We believe the best bariatric vitamins should enhance life, which is why we use a completely different approach when it comes to the science of bariatric supplements.

ProCare has Changed what Patients Expect After Bariatric Surgery

Before ProCare, patients had to take four to six pills per day to get the recommended amount of post-bariatric surgery vitamins. Apart from buying bariatric supplements every month, they also had to spend money on gym memberships and high-protein diet foods to maintain their weight loss.

Initially a branch of a medical supply company, ProCare Health transitioned to a stand-alone business after realizing there had to be a better way to help bariatric patients maintain weight loss without sacrificing time or money.

So, we partnered with dieticians, bariatric directors, and coordinators at the University of Missouri Bariatric department to develop and test a revolutionary, once-daily bariatric supplement with real results for weight loss patients.

Although we are growing in size and product lines, we still provide products that are affordable, packed with essential nutrients, and help clients stay happy and healthy!

Transparency You Can Trust

We want our customers to know they can trust ProCare for the best bariatric vitamins, which is why we continually turn to the pharmaceutical industry to create bariatric supplements with high-quality ingredients. We abide by rigorous standards that give customers peace of mind. Our customers know they are buying bariatric supplements that deliver the exact nutrition they need.

Depending on the bariatric procedure they undergo, the nutritional needs of every patient are different. Low-quality post-bariatric surgery vitamins can also cause patients to develop nutritional deficiencies.

After bariatric surgery, patients typically follow high-protein diets. Bariatric surgery reduces the size of the stomach, which limits the amount of food and water a patient can consume. By only eating small meals, patients can struggle to get the recommended 60-120 grams of protein per day.

Dehydration is also a common problem for bariatric patients. Smaller stomach sizes and the demands of a high-protein diet make it difficult for patients to stay hydrated. By taking bariatric supplements containing high levels of protein, patients can maximize their water intake and get their recommended daily protein intake.

The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery is continually updating its nutritional protocols for bariatric procedures, so we constantly update the formulas of our supplements to meet and exceed ASMBS regulations.

The FDA also requires a test of one or two ingredients in every medicine. Therefore, we test all our ingredients as well as the final product to ensure every supplement meets our individual standards, as well as the standards of our customers. 

Why ProCare Makes the Best Bariatric Vitamins


A monthly supply of vitamins from other bariatric supplements companies can cost you as much as $150 per month. With a membership to our monthly subscription program, you can pay as little as $11.99 for a month’s worth of multivitamins.


After bariatric surgery, patients must adapt to a whole new lifestyle and a wholehearted commitment to better health. Other bariatric supplement manufacturers require you to take a several pills multiple times a day, which is not easy to do.

With so much to think about, customers don’t need to worry about is taking vitamins every few hours. ProCare has the best bariatric vitamins on the market because you only have to take one supplement a day.

Taste and Texture

When you commit to living a healthy lifestyle, the last thing you want to take is a supplement with a horrible taste. To fix that issue, we created two options: a great tasting chewable options and a tasteless vegetable-based capsule with no sugars, dyes, or carbs.

We also create supplements with minimal binders and fillers, which results in a vitamin-packed, pleasant tasting supplement without the chalky taste and texture.

Transparency and Trust

When customers rely on you to improve their health, it is imperative they can trust you. Through our commitment to quality, we earn the trust of our customers by creating a high-quality supplement with a completely transparent process.

All our products undergo a testing regimen that meets and exceeds the quality expectations of the industry. We test every ingredient and provide transparent results, which are available to consumers online.

Why ProCare Makes the Best Bariatric Vitamins

At ProCare Health, we do more than update our formulas so we can sell more bariatric supplements. When science unveils new trends that benefit bariatric patients, we adjust our formulas to provide better vitamins than before.

First, we conduct our own research, which includes studying blood work from real-life bariatric patients.

Next, we work with patients as they undergo bariatric procedures, which provides us with valuable knowledge and experience we can apply to our supplements.

Finally, we have research partners at the University of Missouri-Columbia Bariatrics department, who work with patients as they go through bariatric procedures.

By working with academic research partners, we cover all potential areas of innovation within the bariatric supplement industry.

ProCare Results in Peace of Mind

Most of our customers are shocked to learn there is no FDA regulation in the supplement industry. However, when it comes to health, we know customers value peace of mind over anything else.

So, we instituted a quality control program that exceeds the FDA standards for the pharmaceutical industry. While FDA regulations only require the testing of one or two ingredients in every medicine, we test all our ingredients for purity and potency.

For complete transparency, we also rely upon third-party testing, where we select six bottles from each lot and send them to an outside party for testing. All our test results are available to customers online. They can also scan the QR code on the bottle to view independent test results.

Quality Control Means Nothing without Freshness

Lab If ingredients spoil before they make it to our customers, your quality control program is meaningless.

In the vitamin world, heat, light, and moisture negatively impact freshness. That’s why we ship products needing extra care in climate-controlled containers with special packaging that eliminate problems such as heat and moisture.

We also follow a strict, multi-step quality control process, which includes independent third party pre- and post-testing of every batch of bariatric supplements. We test the ingredients for potency and purity and publish the lab results for every batch on our website.

Not All Vitamins Are Created Equal

While most forms of bariatric surgery alter the way the body absorbs nutrients, other nutrients are more absorbable than others.

At ProCare, we rely on the latest research to ensure the nutrients in our supplements are the best for post-bariatric surgery vitamins. We also stay up-to-date with the latest bariatric science, even if it means adding or eliminating vitamins in our supplements. 

We Achieve One Goal

Whether it is developing a once-daily, bariatric supplement or setting the highest quality standard, we strive to achieve a specific goal.

We want to inspire our customers to achieve a healthy lifestyle by creating affordable, high-quality vitamins that are easy to take. We also aspire to provide the bariatric industry with new alternatives like an innovative form of calcium called TruCal®.

TruCal® is an easy-to-take calcium supplement with a pleasant taste and non-gritty texture. It is specially designed for easy absorption, which is beneficial to patients with low amounts of stomach acid. It also offers a more complete array of the vitamins and minerals found in our bones.

Learn more about TruCal from this video.

A Customer Experience Unlike Any Other

When customers choose ProCare vitamins, they get more than the best bariatric vitamins on the market. They receive support from our customer service team, which includes dieticians, bariatric coordinators, nurses, and bariatric patients.

We want to help weight-loss surgery patients achieve a healthy lifestyle. Our team of customer service representatives is eager to answer questions and guide you through a buying process that is easy, affordable, and stress-free.

Our Customers Say It Best

If you want a vitamin that is affordable, easy to take, and meets your post-bariatric needs, the once-daily ProCare supplement is for you. Contact us for a free sample.

However, if you are unsure about the product and whether it will work for you, our customers can tell you more!

“So many people are hesitant to ‘invest’ in a 30-day supply of anything without knowing if it’s going to work for them or not. I know when I started on this journey, I was spending SO MUCH MONEY on stuff that wasn’t working for me. I was so excited to find ProCare Health once-daily vitamins that I was beside myself.

And then when I got my panels back, I was absolutely THRILLED (as was my doctor). Before surgery, I had horrible vitamin D and B12 deficiency. Now, all my levels are absolutely wonderful, and I am off all of my previous medications.” – Amber LeClair, 7/21/17