Protein & Supplement Funnel | 250ml

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  • Portable - Great Travel Container for People on the Go
  • Separate Compartments for Protein and Supplements!
  • Total Capacity of 250ml
  • Secure Screw Top Fits Easily into Most Bottles!
  • Double Threaded Split Compartment Container
  • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe!
  • Pink
    Four Pack
    Never be without your vitamins or supplements again! Take your favorite products on the go with our multi-function funnel. Our funnel can be used solely for powdered drinks by detaching the split compartment container or in combination to store all you proteins and supplements! The funnel is equipped with a secure twist off cap, so there are no issues with product leaking out.


    Using Our Funnel:

    ⊛ Remove the supplement compartment along with the top lid - this will give you access to the protein portion. Make sure the bottom screw cap is on securely before adding your desired powdered product!

    ⊛ Replace the split compartment by twisting it clockwise onto the protein compartment. Add your desired supplements.

    ⊛ Replace the top lid. Make sure all sides are securely attached. 

    ⊛ When ready to use for a drink, remove the small cap at the bottom of the funnel and insert the funnel in to your bottle. Gently tap the funnel (if needed). Put cap back on bottom of funnel.

    ⊛ Shake the powder within your bottle. Enjoy your drink!


    Funnel Specs:

    Bottom Portion: 150ml

    Split Compartment Container: 100ml

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