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Yumminess will fill the bottle completely in a few days, lasts the whole bottle!

Customer Reviews


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Why is it important to enhance the smell and taste of supplements?

The sense of smell is the most powerful sense in driving product liking, purchase decisions and brand loyalty. That’s because smell is processed in the Limbic mode of the brain where preference, memory and impulses are processed. Since approximately 80% of the taste experience is from the sense of smell, ScentCerts make supplements not only smell better but taste better.

What kind of supplements do ScentCerts work on?

ScentCerts can make all capsules, soft-gels, tablets and gummies smell and taste great.

Will ScentCerts interact with the ingredients in supplements?

No. The All-Natural flavors in ScentCerts are encapsulated in the polymer structure and will not negatively impact their efficacy or integrity.

How long is smell affective?

Once placed in a dietary supplement package, term of efficacy will vary based on external factors such as packaging, active ingredients, and storage. Generally, you can use the scent cert in multiple bottles but the fragrance may begin to fade after a year.