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From the day you consider bariatric surgery throughout your entire post-op life, BariAftercare provides education, information and support in all areas of life with an emphasis on the emotional aspects of the journey. Professionals and peers provide nutritional, simple movement, healthy cooking, psychological and relationship information using videos, texts, live groups, coaching, webinars and podcasts in BariAftercare: your comprehensive support community, from beginning to no end…!

“From beginning to no end…” BariAftercare is the only comprehensive bariatric support program, providing the full spectrum of education, support, and motivation to guide you through your bariatric journey as you develop your healthy lifestyle! BariAftercare is an evidence-based comprehensive support program developed by Dr. Connie Stapleton, a licensed psychologist who has worked in the field of bariatric medicine since 2005. BariAftercare is designed to assist you as you navigate the nutritional, emotional, social, and behavioral changes you experience throughout the weight loss journey and into the rest of your healthier life!

Dr. Stapleton, along with professionals and peer mentors, provide:

  • Weekly videos
  • Live streaming events
  • Online support groups
  • MindPrep © online Pre- and Post-Op in-depth video classes
  • MotivateMe © daily motivational and inspirational texts and emails Webinars
  • Patient and professionally led support group meetings
  • Interviews dealing with friends, family and support relationships
  • On-line healthy cooking demonstrations
  • Nutrition information
  • BariYoga © classes and other “movement” information and videos
  • Meditation videos
  • Podcasts
  • BariAftercare private Facebook page
  • Subscriber discount for:
    • Annual in-person retreats
    • Gain While You Lose 10-week comprehensive online class

In partnership with ProCare, we are excited to offer the following:

  • Gain While You Lose: a 10-week, one day per week, live course offered multiple times during the year hosted by Connie that provides you with an opportunity to interact directly with Connie on a myriad of issues dealing with weight regain and mental health related topics – For a savings of $75 use coupon code PCGWYL75 when registering. You can register at www.conniestapletonphd.com.
All of this and much more on topics you need as you make the healthier life you have dreamed about your reality! Subscribe to BariAftercare and get all your pre- and post-op support information from one source! BariAftercare…”from beginning to no end!”