Best Supplements for Allergies After Weight Loss Surgery

by Anthony Benjamin on Oct 12, 2022

Best Supplements for Allergies After Weight Loss Surgery

Best Supplements for Allergies After Weight Loss Surgery

woman with allergy symptoms blowing noseWeight loss surgery is a life-changing moment. You took the next best step to live a full and healthy life. Why is it then that new food or environmental allergies can occur? This surgery alters digestion and can change your reaction to food proteins. You could be experiencing increased allergic reactions, even if you had mild or no allergy symptoms before. Prevent allergies from occurring or stop them in their tracks with supplements that are safe and effective. Here is our list of the best supplements for allergies.

Fish Oil

Anti-inflammatory agents EPA and DHA are components of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Naturally found in fish oil, they protect your body against inflammatory diseases, including allergies. Since fish oil is not produced in the body, getting them through your diet or supplements is essential.


This mineral relieves constriction of the airways, which carry air to the lungs. Taking magnesium could ease breathing. Similarly, a deficiency can lead to higher levels of histamine after exposure to allergens. Foods that contain magnesium include leafy greens, dry beans, and whole grains. To learn more about the many benefits of magnesium, watch the replay of our live event “Magnesium – The Super Mineral.”


A daily multivitamin is essential for proper growth and immune system function.  They are key to providing your body with the vitamins and minerals that you may not get from food alone. To keep your immune system strong, take ProCare Health Bariatric Multivitamins. It’ll provide your body with the 22 essential vitamins needed to function at its best.

Plant Sterols

Plant steroids are a group of substances made by plants and are naturally in foods like seeds, nuts, vegetables, and vegetable oils. They also help to regulate the immune system. Allergies cause the immune system to become overactive, and taking plant sterols will block the release of histamines. This decreases allergy symptoms and keeps the immune system in balance.


Naturally found in yogurt and milk, probiotics help lessen the occurrences and severities of infection. Acidophilus, a specific probiotic, is bacteria that aids in healthy digestion and allergy prevention. Even though it’s available in food, we often don’t get enough. If you’re looking for a multivitamin and probiotic supplement in one, look no further than ProCare Bariatric Multivitamin + Probiotics.


The plant pigment quercetin is a natural antioxidant. It’s also effective in preventing the release of histamines in the bloodstream. Grapes, cherries, broccoli, green tea, coffee, and wine are just some of the foods and drinks that contain this allergy-fighting supplement.  Check out our newest product, Mag-D Immunity Support Complex. It distributes 50 mg of quercetin, 200 mg of magnesium, and 125 mcg of vitamin D with each dose!

Vitamin C

Reduce allergic reactions with the immune-boosting effect of vitamin C. It works to stop histamine, the cause of allergy symptoms, from accumulating in your immune system. Since vitamin C isn’t produced in the body, you can eat broccoli, kale, and citrus fruits like oranges.

Vitamin D

Protect your body against allergies, the common cold, and even the flu with vitamin D. Studies show that low levels of vitamin D are connected to frequent infections and illnesses. Taking this supplement is a great way to keep your immune system balanced and your body protected from allergies.

Have Any Supplement Questions? Ask ProCare Health!

The experts at ProCare Health have extensive knowledge about supplements for bariatric patients. They make it easy to understand your post-surgery nutritional needs and prevent allergies. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. We are committed to offering nutritional supplements and support. Ask us any questions and continue living your best life.