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How To Dress After Weight Loss Surgery

by Anthony Benjamin on Oct 12, 2022

How To Dress After Weight Loss Surgery

How To Dress After Weight Loss Surgery

If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve had weight loss surgery, or you’re going to have weight loss surgery. This is an exciting time in your health journey, but it can be challenging. Your body will be changing rapidly after surgery, and that can be a shock to your brain. You’re used to perceiving yourself one way, and then all of a sudden, the pounds start coming off, and you feel and look like a new person. The best way to accept your changing body is to clothe it properly.  Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn how to dress after weight loss surgery.

Dress For Your New Body TypeHow to Dress

Before you even start trying clothes on, it’s essential to learn your body type. Knowing this will help you find clothes that accentuate all your curves and angels, which will ultimately leave you feeling more confident. Use a tape measure to measure your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. The difference between these numbers will tell you your new body type. Knowing these numbers will also make it much easier to find things that fit the first time around. Save yourself the frustration and time by following this simple first step.

Buy For Your Current Size

Throughout your weight loss journey, you will be many different sizes. It’s essential that you only buy for the size you are in the moment you’re purchasing a piece. If you’re in between sizes, it’s okay to size down, but only as long as you’re comfortable. Don’t buy a specific size you aim to be because you are not size. You are a human being, and it’s unfair to score your success on the size of your jeans. Besides, a size six in one brand means nothing, as clothing sizes can change drastically from one designer to another. You’ll save yourself the heartache of investing in a piece, only to find out it doesn’t look as you expected it would even after you’ve lost weight. Instead, focus on the present moment and on clothes that will make you feel confident no matter what. Well-fitting clothes will always make someone look better, no matter their size.

Shop Your Closet

After figuring out what body shape you have, you’ll want to go through your closet and organize what you have. This is an excellent opportunity to get rid of clothes that are too big. You can either donate them or sell them to a consignment shop if they’re in good condition. Either way, it’s best to let those pieces go. You’re not looking back. This is a forward-moving journey, and your weight loss is here to stay. Besides, getting rid of these pieces will leave more room for all the new and exciting things you’ll be buying.

Once you’ve pitched the unwanted pieces, organize your clothing in your closet and drawers by size, largest to smallest. That way you’ll have a way of telling which clothes you no longer need as you lose weight, and which clothes you already have available. Most of us have many clothing sizes already from years past, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Don’t Shop Too Much Too Soon

You’ll be losing weight quickly, especially in the beginning. So, don’t go out and buy a whole new wardrobe once you’ve gone down a few sizes. Your size will continue to decrease for months, even years to come. Purchasing an entirely new wardrobe every few sizes is impractical and impossible for many. Instead, try and find clothes that will fit and look good even after you’ve lost some weight. Pick out things that have some stretch to them or that will still look good when they’re a bit loose. Invest in a few key pieces that you’ll be able to re-wear with many different pieces.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore pieces you love. If it’s within your budget and you can’t imagine anyone but you wearing it, then it was meant for you. You can always have a piece tailored later down the line. One of the newest fashion-forward styles is tops with slightly puffy sleeves or a ruffle detail at the wrist.  These style shirts can be worn alone or with a cute vest or a jacket. Not only are these tops to-die-for, but they’re also versatile. Meaning, you can wear them with just about anything!

Buy Practical Classics, But Splurge on Accessories

Classic pieces, like the perfect pair of jeans or a black dress, will always look good and can be worn in a variety of different ways to different events. Stick to complementary colors. This will give you more options to mix and match your wardrobe, which means you get more bang for your buck! One material that allows for some extreme versatility is velour. Velour material is very prevalent currently. This luxe material can be worn alone and the versatility of it means that it can be dressed up or down. A velour top can be worn with leggings and booties or sneakers for a casual look or with a skirt and heels for date night. If you have a velour skirt or pants you could pair them with a cropped sweater or a top with a fun print and a solid jacket or coat.

Another must-have classic that goes with everything is long cardigans. Any style or color that you prefer is a good choice because it’s what you like, and this will help you to feel excited about your wardrobe choices. Pairing a cardigan with a plain or graphic t-shirt with leggings or distressed jeans with cowboy boots, booties or sneakers is an easy style that can be dressed up or down with accessories such as long necklaces, a bracelet stack, and hoop style earrings.

If you’re craving a pop of color or something that’s trending, spend a little extra money on an exceptional tie, scarf, bag, etc. Not only will these accessories make you smile, but you can continue wearing them no matter how much weight you lose.

Shop Smart

Shopping smart means you know where to look for the best deal. It can take some research and digging, but the right consignment shop or thrift store can be treasure-troves of beautiful pieces at even better prices. Consignment shops typically carry more current fashions that are in good condition. This means that the clothing has been used but shows no wear and tear. Thrift stores can be great, too! Sometimes you even find clothing still with the original tags. Remember, though, buy slow. The low prices may tempt you to over-buy. Only pick out the necessities and move on.

Another smart shopping option is utilizing online closets. These websites allow members to “rent” clothes for short periods. With this system, you can rent enough clothes to make outfits for a few weeks and then return them for a new set. Some online closets will give you unlimited exchanges for a monthly fee. This is an excellent option if you’re losing weight too quickly to follow.

These options are great for trying to find current styles. One current style that is making its rounds is the shacket. A shacket is a crossover between a shirt and a jacket. It’s usually a little oversized and looks like a shirt but made from a heavier material. And while the heavier material helps distinguish this piece of outerwear from a shirt, it’s also not quite a jacket. Last year they made their debut and this year they are more popular than ever. These are extremely versatile and can be worn over a cute shirt or can be the main staple of an outfit. At the moment, plaid is the most popular style of shacket, but corduroy is making a headline. No matter if you’re a plaid or a corduroy gal or guy, you’ll be glad to have shacket in your closet for those chilly days coming our way.

Host A Clothing Exchange

If you are in a support group with other bariatric patients, odds are they’re going through the same thing you are. You all may be at different points in your journey, but that’s okay. Perfect even for a clothing exchange. Set a time and place to swap new or gently used clothes. Everyone should bring a couple of items that have been laundered and are in good shape. You may want to set a limit on how many pieces one person can take because some current styles are just too good to pass up. When setting up for the exchange, organize clothes by size and gender. That way you know exactly where to look for some new and improved items. If there are any pieces left over once everyone has had their pick, you can donate them to charity.

Alterations Are Possible!

Alterations are typically able to bring a piece down at least a couple of sizes. This is a cheaper way to help you keep your closet full longer, as it keeps you from having to buy completely new clothes as often. Tailoring is also great because it will alter your clothes to fit your new body perfectly. And, as mentioned, well-fitting clothes always elevates a look. Alterations are a particularly excellent option for those of us who tend to wear more tailored garments regularly. Do you have a ton of suit jackets for work? No problem! It can be taken in with just a little bit of work.

Try A Personal Stylist

Reinventing your look or looking for new bra sizes can be a considerable challenge. For some extra help, you can book an appointment with a personal stylist through Macy’s website. If you live in the St. Louis area, you can also contact Macy’s stylist, Michelle Cooper, directly at the St. Louis Galleria. Her phone number is (314) 802-6255 | 1150, and her email is Michelle can help you find a bra that’s perfect for your changing body, as well as new styles that compliment your unique shape. Book an appointment today! Are you also looking for some fantastic shapewear? Check out Slimpressions.

Checkout ProCare Health

Do you need a support group leading up to and following bariatric surgery? Perhaps you’re looking for resources that will help you live a healthier life. Check out ProCare Health! We offer many different products and services to help you on your wellness journey. Check out our CrowdCast Channel, where we host live virtual events on anything and everything to promote healthy weight loss and confidence. Your health is our priority. If you have any questions or want more insight on what we do, contact us today.


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