Fall in Love with Our Delicious Calcium Dark Chocolate Bars!

by Anthony Benjamin on Oct 12, 2022

Fall in Love with Our Delicious Calcium Dark Chocolate Bars!

Fall in Love with Our Delicious Calcium Dark Chocolate Bars!

Valentine’s Day is all about loving and appreciating the people in your life. Before you can love others, however, you must first love yourself. This Valentine’s Day, why not take a little extra time for you? Celebrate your body and your weight loss with our decadent, healthy, and absolutely guilt-free calcium dark chocolate bars! Whether you’re a love-struck fan or have never experienced the magic of our chocolate bars, you’re going to want to read all about them (and add them to your cart ASAP)!

Get to Know Our Calcium Dark Chocolate Bars

Who said getting your daily calcium couldn’t be delicious? Our dark chocolate bar is above and beyond your everyday calcium supplement options. Made from cacao chocolate, TruCal calcium, and vitamin D, these bars give you an all-natural, delectable way for you to reach your daily calcium intake. We use organic, non-processed ingredients to create this high-quality, nutritious super food: that means zero preservatives, no GMOs or additives, and absolutely nothing artificial!

Here’s a little food for thought: the cacao chocolate that our bars are made with contains nearly 4 times the amount of antioxidants than your average dark chocolate! Our cacao is roasted at low temperatures, yielding the purest form of chocolate to give you the nourishment your body deserves. Each bag has 30 chocolate bars, and 1 bar is a serving.

Reap the Sweet Benefits of Our Calcium Dark Chocolate Bars

We could probably gush forever about how amazing these bars are, but we’ll keep it short and sweet. These benefits will absolutely sweep you off your feet:

  • Magnesium: Here’s the scoop: magnesium is critical for helping you maintain good health, but half of all Americans don’t get enough of it every day. This essential mineral is responsible for hundreds of chemical reactions in your body and brain, from converting food into energy and repairing DNA and RNA to helping neurotransmitters function properly and everything in between. Our calcium dark chocolate bars are a good source of magnesium to help your body function at its best!
  • Calcium: You might think about strong bones when you hear the word “calcium,” but this mineral does so much more. You need plenty of calcium to give your muscles, nerves, and heart the strength they need to function, too! You typically need between 1,000-1,500 mg of calcium each day. Our dark chocolate bars contain 500 mg of calcium per serving, making it even easier to help you reach your daily requirement!
  • Vitamin D: Nicknamed the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D is needed to strengthen your bones, support your immune system, and lift your mood. Besides that, vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. Working alone, calcium and vitamin D are beneficial, but working together as a tag-team duo, they truly shine! It can be difficult to get enough vitamin D, especially on these cloudy winter days. Our chocolate bars contain 500IU (international units) of vitamin D per serving, making it an easily-attainable, sunshine-infused treat!
  • Antioxidants: These helpful compounds fight and neutralize free radicals, those harmful, cell-damaging molecules that can lead to cancer and other diseases. Dark chocolate is chockfull of antioxidants including flavanols, powerful antioxidant compounds that protect your heart.
  • Iron: This mineral is crucial for daily life, especially for bariatric patients since there is typically less stomach acid after surgery, and iron needs that acid in order to be absorbed. While most people require about 36 mg per day, your specific level may vary anywhere between 18 and 100 mg. Luckily, savoring a dark chocolate treat like our chocolate bars can help you reach your daily iron consumption requirements!
  • Fiber: Dietary fiber is an essential component that helps regulate bowel movements, helps increase fullness, and helps manage weight, among other things. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t get the fiber they need each day, which is 25-30 grams daily. Dark chocolate, fortunately, is quite rich in dietary fiber!

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Including These Bars in Your Daily Routine

How do we love thee, calcium dark chocolate bars? Let us count the ways:

  • It’s an easy way to get your calcium. Say so long to those unpleasant, hard-to-swallow calcium pills and gritty calcium chews! Getting your daily calcium just got a lot tastier with our chocolate bars.
  • It satisfies your sweet tooth. Love something sweet every day but hate all the sugar and empty calories that often comes with it? Then these bars are definitely for you. Our calcium dark chocolate bars are 65% dark chocolate and have only 2 grams of sugar, giving you that sweet fix you’re craving while providing your body with the nutrients it needs! It’s also the perfect solution for those who are more sensitive to sugar after weight loss surgery.
  • TruCal is great for bariatric patients. Unlike other forms of calcium, TruCal offers you a balanced profile of essential minerals and antioxidants. It’s an all-natural, lactose-free calcium with a higher absorption than that of calcium carbonate (and equal to or greater than calcium citrate). TruCal also doesn’t need stomach acid to be absorbed, is non-constipating, and doesn’t require food for consumption. Bottom line: TruCal is excellent for post-weight loss surgery patients! You can learn more about it here.
  • They taste amazing. Smooth, decadent, luxurious, a little piece of Heaven – these are some of the words that our customers have used to describe our dark chocolate bars. Made with the perfect amount of sweetness, these bars will easily become your new favorite treat!
  • It’s just plain good for you. You probably already knew that dark chocolate is good for you, and our dark chocolate bars are no exception. They are organic, non-GMO, certified kosher, gluten-free, and soy-free. And, as stated earlier, they have absolutely no artificial flavors or sweeteners, making it a perfect, guilt-free indulgence!

Order Yours Today!

This Valentine’s Day, show yourself some love – or surprise that special someone in your life – by ordering our calcium dark chocolate bars. These delectable bars are in stock until the spring, so make sure you stock up on them now!