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Find Your Support Systems

by Brenda Hoehn on Aug 23, 2023

Find Your Support Systems

Find Your Support Systems

When facing significant changes in life, it’s often helpful to have a support system in place to help you confront challenges and overcome them. The changes that bariatric surgery will have on your life are no different. That’s why finding weight loss support as you transition to a new lifestyle is an essential part of the recovery process.

Establishing a multi-faceted support system can help you stay motivated, positive, and successful in keeping the weight off long-term. While friends and family can provide significant support, connecting with others who have undergone weight loss surgery (WLS) can give you added insights and help you relate to the difficulties you may be facing. They can help you work through emotional issues that may influence your eating habits or progress as well as repair damage that obesity has on your well-being.

The following are some of the weight loss support groups and forums that we recommend to help you on your weight loss journey.


In today’s digital age, a lot of support can be found through different social media channels. If you search for the hashtag #iamabariatricpatient, you will find numerous posts and pictures of others who are going through or have been through weight loss surgery (WLS). Their stories can provide inspiration and motivation if you are experiencing the ups and downs that can occur after surgery. It’s also an excellent resource for connecting online with others at any time of the day.

Feel free to contribute your own story to the hashtag! While it’s not a traditional weight loss support group, this community can help you realize that you aren’t alone.

Bariatric Foodie is a blog that is packed full of great recipes for after weight loss surgery (WLS), fun challenges, and product reviews as well as motivation to push yourself toward a healthier lifestyle. We like this blog because it is run by gastric bypass patient, Nikki, a self-professed foodie. After surgery, she was committed to following the new dietary requirements, but she wasn’t content with boring food. Through her recipes, she demonstrates how you can play with your food, so your diet doesn’t feel restrictive.


Fooducate is another free health tracker that helps you keep tabs on the food you are eating, while providing you with essential details like the amount of calories, macros, and nutrients consumed. You can even use your mobile device or tablet to scan or search any food or drink for personalized nutrition grades and suggestions for healthier foods. This app also tracks exercises and offers thousands of nutrition tips, along with 50,000 tasty, healthy recipes.

Remember that bariatric surgery is a tool and in order for this tool to work successfully, you will have to alter your eating habits. The sooner you can do this, the better. Get ahead of the game and download MyFitnessPal or Fooducate to familiarize yourself with what a healthier lifestyle tastes like today.

American Bariatrics Support Group

This online forum gives participants the chance to discuss anything and everything about bariatric surgery. From pre-surgery and post-surgery questions to recipes, hobbies, and interests, this forum has answers and suggestions. Participants also share struggles as well as wins that they’ve encountered during their weight loss journeys.

Another benefit of this forum is that family members of bariatric patients can participate. While you are finding your new path, your family and loved ones may be struggling with how to provide you with weight loss support. This platform is a useful resource for connecting them with others who have been in their shoes.

Family & Friends

It’s essential to include those you love and trust in your weight loss journey. Having those close to you aware of your post-surgery modifications will provide additional emotional support. Furthermore, there are some issues that you might feel comfortable sharing only with loved ones, rather than in a large support group.

It’s also helpful to have your family participate in your new healthy habits. Having them by your side will help inspire motivation and increase your chances of success.

Connection to Local Support Groups

Don’t forget to look locally for support groups that you can attend in person. Colleges, universities, and churches are excellent resources, and there are many that offer groups specifically for weight loss. Some people find they connect better face to face than online to share stories, struggles, and successes and receive help and advice.

No matter if you prefer to connect in person or online, finding weight loss support and communicating with others about challenges and accomplishments will prove helpful before surgery, during your recovery, and beyond.

ProCare Health is Dedicated to Supporting You on Your Weight Loss Journey

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Please note: the information contained within this article is in no way to be considered medical advice nor is it meant to replace your medical team’s recommendations. This article’s purpose is to educate and allow the reader to make informed decisions with the help of his or her medical team.