Calcium Dark Chocolate | 500mg Calcium | 500 IU Vitamin D

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  • Out of Stock until Fall 2024
  • 500mg of Calcium and 500IU of Vitamin D per serving!
  • 65% Dark Chocolate - Less than 2g of sugar
  • Non-GMO | Certified Kosher | Gluten-Free | Soy Free
  • No Wax coating or extra preservatives
  • All-Natural | No artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Description


    TruCal® is an all-natural, Lactose-free Calcium with a higher absorption rate than Calcium Carbonate, and equal to or greater than Calcium Citrate. Unlike other Calcium forms, Trucal® offers a balanced profile of essential minerals and antioxidants. (All the healthy parts of milk with very low lactose) thus, making Trucal® the superior choice for achieving your optimal bone health. Like Calcium Citrate, TruCal does not require stomach acid for absorption, is non-constipating, does not increase the risk for kidney stones, and doesn't need to be consumed with food; making TruCal a comparable, if not more complete, Calcium option than Calcium Citrate.

    Learn more about TruCal® by watching the video below or click here.  

    Please note these are made with a clean profile. Our chocolate calcium bars are free of preservatives and waxy coatings. Despite any "blooming" (caramel or white discoloration from the cocoa butter) caused by temperature changes, the vitamin D and calcium remain fully intact. Enjoy without worry!

    Want to know more about our chocolate? Click here to read a short article about it.   


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    Finally getting my calcium in yummy also

    So good! Not to sweet and not to dark!

    This chocolate is perfect! I was never a big chocolate fan, usually finding it too sweet, but dark was too dark. This is a great blend- reminding me of semisweet chocolate chips. It is nice and creamy though as well and not gritty. Certainly enjoy this a calcium treat during my day.


    Makes me sad these are discontinuing. These are the best calcium source supplements EVER!!

    No worries it will be back! Because we keep this a clean product (no preservatives an no waxy coating) it is too sensitive to heat when shipping during the HOT summer! We encourage everyone to stock up and bridge the summer gap 😊!

    Best Bariatric treat out there!

    I love having this chocolate as a nightly treat and it gives me my calcium also! This is such a great product and actually tastes like chocolate! I love that ProCare truly cares about us bariatric patients!


    These are the best tasting calcium supplements. I don't even realize it's medicine. The best thing ever