Boys of Bariatric 2024 Calendar

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  • 12 Month Calendar
  • 8.5"x12" in size
  • Full Color pictures and stories of the participants
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    Boys of Bariatric 2024 Calendar

    Boys of Bariatric 2024 Calendar

    Regular price $25.00
    Sale price $25.00 Regular price MSRP 

    Boys of Bariatric 2024 Calendar, celebrates and highlights the importance of supporting men in the Bariatric Community.


    Message from Rob Ranafan of The Weighting Table  podcast: 

    For those who weren't aware, my co-hosts at The Weighting Table and I wanted to give back to the amazing community that has supported us, so we came up with this idea of how we can engage, support, and represent the Weight-loss surgery community.
    This "Passion Project" of ours was in part constructed at the 2023 Just Be You Bariatric Awards with Our Sleeved Life Podcast, where the bariatric community came together to acknowledge our individual and collective achievements over 3 days of celebration and friendship. It makes sense that The Boys of Bariatrics 2024 Calendar, too, celebrates and highlights the importance of supporting men in the Bariatric Community.
    Whether due to cultural norms or something more innate in males, men in our community often feel alone, severely under-represented and limited in options of people to relate to at the beginning and during their weight loss journeys which can cause an unwillingness to seek help when struggling.
    This calendar aims to highlight the journeys of some of the prominent figures in our social media bariatric community as well as the medical professionals who have supported them, with the goal of providing men who are starting their health journeys, someone to see their own story in and provide inspiration to keep moving forward and fighting for their health. This group includes award-winning Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Joe Cribbons, Bariatric Surgeon and ASMBS Officer Dr. Donald Fridley, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Quinton Chivers, and Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America Board Member Bill Streetman.
    Ultimately, this calendar is a celebration of the male bariatric journey and a reminder that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We've all sat where you are. We've all walked in your shoes. And we're here to show you that you can change things. You can find health. You can find happiness. You can find yourself.
    In buying this calendar, we hope that you can find inspiration to write your own chapter in your health journey, while also being the ink that pens someone else's.
    All proceeds from the sales of The Boys of Bariatrics 2024 Calendar will go to The Weighting Table Grant in association with the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA). Through this grant, our collective community will fund the same life-saving surgery that has changed so many of our lives, for a recipient who is financially unable to afford this much-needed obesity treatment. This recipient has been chosen and her name is Jackie Browne! Her story is amazing and hits home in so many ways. Her life was just like mine, and many of ours.
    In addition to the support of those who are in the calendar, we also have received support from various companies who continuously serve and represent the Bariatric Community, and strive to ensure that Jackie's journey is as successful as possible!
    ProCare Health is providing Jacki with a year's worth of vitamins and calcium to support her post-op nutrition.
    #1 Best-Selling author and bariatric dietitian, Jamie Mills, has offered a year's membership to her T.R.I.B.E Membership support group.
    Kate Fuss and Banana Bariatrics recognize the importance of what we are trying to achieve and have donated their 3-month program to support Jackie.
    Finally, the amazing ladies at Our Sleeved Life Podcast have donated 2 tickets to the next Just Be You Bariatric Awards show, so that not only can we celebrate Jackie for her accomplishments with Bariatric Surgery, but so that we can collectively celebrate OURSELVES for stepping up for our community and standing up for what we feel so passionately about.
    But at the end of the day, I'm asking for your support.
    If you have had Bariatric surgery, if you are considering it, if you are just counting down the days till your procedure, or even if you are just a man going through their own weight-loss journey, please consider donating to the WLSFA grant.
    As a man who went through this Bariatric struggle, I wish I had the resources that men have now. 3 years isn't that long ago, but it would have made my journey that much less lonely.
    Our stories all have immense power. Every one of us. You never know who is looking at your journey, who is going through tough times, and is inspired. This is just our way to make it a bit easier for them to find us.
    Thank you all and have a happy holiday season!
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