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About ReShapeCare®

ReShapeCare is an effective virtual health and wellness program that uses video-based sessions with board certified health coaches, all on our convenient, easy-to-use app! Our team is specifically trained to help support the health journey for those patients that have had or are pursuing bariatric surgery.


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As part of your participation in the ProCare Health Body + Soul program, you are offered a FREE 45-day trial of ReShapeCare!



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What’s Included In Your Free Trial


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A Welcome Specialist will provide a concierge onboarding experience.

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Up to 2 free one-on-one coaching sessions during free trial (1/mo) with a board certified health coach.

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Unlimited texting with your board certified health coach.
No chat bots here!

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Unlimited access to our innovative app with over 1,500 engaging resources.

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Unlimited ability to sign-up for ReShapeCare TV group sessions.

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Connect with other like-minded individuals in our community forum, a safe space for support.

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Our coaches identify your unique strengths to personalize a program for you with customized content to maximize your success.

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Seamlessly sync your health tracking devices to track data in real time.

Give Us 10-15 Minutes a Day

Our today screen makes it easy to navigate your ReShapeCare program so you know what to focus on each day. Incorporating a few microhabits daily can lead to lasting lifestyle changes. Your coach is here to help you drive those changes and help you become your own best coach. Together, we will build a healthy life, one choice at a time.

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No Judgement, Only Support on Your Terms

No counting calories or points. Snap a pic of your food and easily upload to the app. Then receive personalized feedback from your coach to navigate your wellness journey in real time.

A Holistic Approach to Your Health

While most individuals think about nutrition and exercise when it comes to health, we often find that optimizing sleep or learning to manage stress in a holistic approach has a greater impact on overall results. Our program focuses on all four dimensions of wellness by allowing you to choose where to start to your journey.

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People who use virtual health coaching stay more engaged and are motivated to lose more weight and enhance their wellness.1

lose 3x more weight

Research shows people generally lose 3X more weight when working with a health coach vs. trying to succeed on their own.2

1 6-12 mo of engagement.
2 Gudzune KA et al., Efficacy of weightless. Ann Intern Med. 2015:162(10):739-740.
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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our members say.


You spend your whole life creating habits and when you decide to have weight loss surgery, everying in your life changes. I have learned how to be accountable to myself, self-reflect and learn how to ask for help. I now understand the balance between food, health (both physical and mental), exercising, and stress. It is not all or nothing, rather, it is a happy balance.

Even though I would love to keep on with this program forever, it is like a parent making sure their child can go into the world on their own and be okay. I know that I need to be able to do it myself to make sure it lasts forever.


- Mandy, TX*

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Mandy's results* with ReShapeCare

ReShapeCare Mandy's results

* Actual member. The views and opinions expressed here are member's own. Member results may vary.

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Get a Free Trial of ReShapeCare® with your
Body + Soul Membership

As part of your participation in the ProCare Health Body + Soul program, you are offered a FREE 45-day trial of ReShapeCare®!