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About Us

Our belief drives us to continue creating innovative products to fill the unique needs of weight loss surgery patients, while striving to make it EASY!

After seeing an employee organizing handfuls of different vitamins and calciums required in a day, and the timetable schedule to take them, an idea was born. ProCare Health grew from that idea. There had to be a easier way to get all the supplementation required after weight loss surgery. Starting as a branch of a Medical Supply company, ProCare Health quickly grew and became its own stand alone business.

Through mutual connections ProCare Health started working with Bariatric Doctors and Dietitians at the University of MO-Bariatrics. There we were able to fine tune and test that our 1 chewable, once a day, was effective for weight loss patients. Once implemented as the vitamin of choice due to ease and affordability, adherence to vitamin requirements in patients increased from 35% to 87%!

We have continued to grow in size and product lines, but always stay true keeping things easy, affordable, and packed with supplements, so our clients stay happy and healthy!

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